Friday, 27 January 2012

London 2012 - Inspiration for us all

2012 – the year of London Olympics, an event that so many of Britain's most talented athletes have been working towards through dedicated training and effort for the past 4 or more years.

Britain has so many world class performers across all sports whom we can draw the inspiration from that has landed them at the pinnacle of their individual sports.

The positive and dedicated attitude of these athletes is something that I try to emulate in my own approach to the sport of athletics. Realistically I can only dream of toeing the start line of the London Olympic marathon, however we shouldn’t put a ceiling on what we can achieve. If you want something so much, then there is no reason why, through pushing yourself to the limit and committing yourself, you should not achieve that goal.

I have a number of aims for 2012 that I would like to complete; some are realistic while others are real stretch targets. I plan to track them here, follow the highs and the lows, and include various other snippets and thoughts from the world of running and sport.

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